10.15 AM CET

Keynote Speaker: Jonathon P. Karelse

The Three Deadly Myths of S&OP

1. Aim for Consensus
This is an impossible and destructive goal. Learn how to improve the effectiveness of enterprise participation by recalibrating expectations, and aiming instead for constructive disagreement and collaboration.

2. Aim for Accuracy 
Forecasts are always wrong. So why do we create corporate and operational plans based on the false assumption that we can ever make them right? Learn instead how to effectively use forecasts, and what additional metrics matter more.

3. S&OP will fix my forcast/inventory/OEE/etc. issue 
It won’t. That’s not what it’s for. Find out what it CAN do for you, and why all those basic blocking and tackling functions become easier when you’re doing it well.

3.45 PM CET

Executive on stage: Alberto Lupano

Three Pillars for a digital transformation of End-to-End Planning:

  • Processes (discipline & cadence in scenario planning)
  • Operating Model (hybrid approach, specialization of responsibilities)
  • Technology (concurrent scenario planning)